Carol's Industria

I began a new semester at Hunter College and it feels great to just sit there and talk about books with other people who are just as passionate about them as I am. Its also so great that the classes I registered for are in the subject I want them to be.

For now I am taking "Black Women Writers", "Multi-Ethnic American Literature", and "Survey of English Literature", and my room is covered in books. These books are scattered on my desk, sit on my night table, rest on my floors, and overflow my tiny Ikea bookshelf. Late at night when I turn enough times to make myself dizzy, I look around my room, and I am happy with the books that make me feel warm inside. Some are old with all the love I've given them, other haven't been opened once. I think of my future, and I know that there will be hundreds of books to decorate most of the rooms in my apartment. Gosh I feel like an old lady with books for cats :)

I kind of can't stand the electronic books I see so many people on the train with. Their fancy metal and plastic surfaces with their tiny buttons and their unemotional screens will always be cold to the touch. Its like robots vs. people for me. These e-books won't have the crease on their spine to show how much the books have been used. Or the yellowing of the pages as time goes by. And no margins with notes and thoughts that show that people actually think while they read and are touched by the subject and can show reflections.

Am I rambling?



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