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I'm sooo happy I have to re-read The Canterbury Tales, it's truly a beautiful work of literature. It's a shame Chaucer didn't finish it. My favorite part is Group A, (Prologue, Knight's Tale, Miller's Tale, Reeves's Tale, and Cook's Tale) specially the mockery of the Miller's tale to the Knight's Tale. EEK! I love courtly love!
I also love how puddles can make kids so happy. Walking with Bea and Wyatt, we agreed that we would put on our rain boots and "explore really good puddles!"
Are you kidding me?!!! ^ This is so cute :D

OOOOOO!!! My parent's birthday was this past week (both on the same week waaaaah?!) and so my sister and I got them lots of presents and a cute party. My mom got her first real modern piece of technology, (she LOOOOVES her Razr... lol) the iPad, and my dad got a whole bunch of sweaters, socks, and a coffee mug. Hey! He got an iPod touch from me just because! My mom was happy and it was nice to spend it with family and people that we care about.

In other news, my cold is finally reaching an end, after about 3 weeks. YAYYYY! Hopefully by this Sunday I'll be able to sing :) (I made the Hunter College choir! YAY go me!)

SAVE THE DATE!!!! December 10th 7PM (LOCATION TBA) Hunter Choir will present Mozart's Mass in C Minor.
It seriously makes me soooo happy and satisfied to be able to add my voice to such a beautiful composition.

10/14/2010 07:01:15 pm

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10/14/2010 07:21:33 pm

Wow your photos look amazing and great! Excellent advert. It even makes me want to start stitching. And yah, I would totally rather buy a red needle, so when it drops on the floor i can see it!

11/25/2010 10:02:36 am

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11/29/2010 10:05:37 am

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